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2 Oct Recently I've been working on a project where the execution time of short-lived JVM workloads is a critical factor in overall system performance. Tuning For Faster JVM Startup. Small utility applications that run only for a short time may suffer a performance hit if the JVM and Java application startup time is. Overview; Background; Lambda Examples; Improving Code with Lambda Expressions; The elmiradordefuentesdelnarcea.comon Package; Lambda Expressions and Collections.

elmiradordefuentesdelnarcea.com fast-serialization. up to 10 times faster % JDK Serialization compatible drop-in replacement (Ok, might be 99%..). As an example: Lambda. 9 Mar Qcon "How you deploy Java, how you get access to updates and patches is all changing. Although Oracle has told people about this, they. 20 Feb In the past, developers often complained that Java wasn't developing fast enough . I don't think you will hear these complaints in the near future.

21 Mar This release, which comes barely six months after the release of Java SE 9 and includes 12 new enhancements, is the first in the new rapid. 8 Dec Maintainers of the Spring Framework project should prepare themselves for some challenges when Oracle's plan to speed up the cadence of. 9 Jan What is the fastest way to read a getter from a Java class without knowing the class at compilation time? Java frameworks often do this. A lot.