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Fracfocus database

For FracFocus technical related issues or data questions, contact or you can ask us a question here. This replica database download will be. FracFocus is a hydraulic fracturing chemical registry website designed to FracFocus is pleased to announce the release of disclosure data to the public in . There are multiple sources of elmiradordefuentesdelnarcea.com data, some of them more “official” than others. elmiradordefuentesdelnarcea.com’s CSV data has been imported, transformed, and augmented with chemical toxicities by the author of this blog resulting in the file available at the link below.

The FracFocus website provides impartial and balanced education tools to the hydraulic fracturng chemical data in a consistent and centralized location. AirWaterGas has downloaded and restored the FracFocus Chemical Disclosure Registry database available at elmiradordefuentesdelnarcea.com This data has been made. 5 Jan Together, the Data Management and Quality Assessment Report and project database can be used to reproduce the EPA's analysis, better.

25 Jan The EPA compiled and analyzed over two years of data from the FracFocus Chemical Disclosure Registry provided by the Ground Water. 14 Aug Bloomberg took a look, and found that two of every five wells drilled since FracFocus was launched are not included in the site's database. 7 May Today, FracFocus, the nationwide state-run hydraulic fracturing chemical registry database, made its chemical data publicly available as a raw.