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Visual studio 2010 sp1 beta download

Visual studio 2010 sp1 beta

10 Jul To obtain Visual Studio SP1, visit the following Microsoft website: . http:// elmiradordefuentesdelnarcea.com 7 Dec I'm happy to announce that the Visual Studio Service Pack 1 Beta is now ready for download! MSDN subscribers may download the beta. 8 Dec Visual Studio SP1 is now available in beta. It fixes some things, causes problems with others, and is no faster than before. MSDN.

10 Dec It's a holiday miracle! OK, maybe not a miracle, but folks have been working hard on Visual Studio Service Pack 1. The BETA was. 8 Dec Microsoft is now offering a beta release of its service pack for the Visual Studio IDE that adds capabilities such as IntelliTrace support for. 8 Mar Awaited Visual Studio service pack release is joined by two new VS Feature Packs and a soon-to-ship fresh beta of LightSwitch.

1 May Assuming you don't have any beta software installed, what will you get when you apply service pack 1 to your copy of Visual Studio ?. 4 Jan Last month we released the VS Service Pack 1 (SP1) Beta. You can learn more about the VS SP1 Beta from Jason Zander's two. The Office and Sharepoint features in Visual Studio SP1 Beta are major upgrades and have different product guids than those in the.