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Samp filterscripts german

[Tutorial] Getting your filterscripts and gamemodes to share information Tutorials. Why do my commands and other SA-MP functions bug when I add a new filterscript? You probably return 1 in a . Location: Germany. English Version (FilterScript) · German Version (FilterScript) · MySQL Plugin. End Hope you guys like it, keep in mind that this is just a BASIC. World List avaible as Include/Filterscript Menu for selecting ur Language It works with the Prx Detector so only ppl in your Range can hear the.

Filterscripts, Text I/O, cells ( bytes). Name Length, 20 characters. Textdraws, Limit. String Length, characters. Shown In A Single Client's Screen. 23 Apr Originally posted at: elmiradordefuentesdelnarcea.com?t= and Today I present to you NewYearCounter va, the second version of the little filterscript released nearly a year ago! #define German. Since Correlli/Elovric created his nice filterscript for admin commands I samp admin filterscript zip ( KB - downloaded times.).

Script Introduction ♧ I've decided to start to work on something so i could learn the ways of PAWN. I decided to download the LA-RP and modify it so it would. 6 Apr Filterscript * Gamemode Add-on |- Script Features -| * An easy way to ban someone instead of using SA-MP's ban system GermanyLocation. 16 Oct In this filterscript you can add clothes to your skin, like: hats, glasses, armor, etc. resolved.:) I'll show you some pictures: elmiradordefuentesdelnarcea.com Join Date: Sep ; Location: Germany/Spain; Posts: 1,